10 Advanced Basketball Dribbling Tips

by Lonnie

basketball dribbling tipsHere are the top 10 basketball dribbling tips to take you from an average dribbler to exceptional.

Take note and apply these tips to your game and watch your basketball dribbling improve.

Basketball Dribbling Tips

1. Make moves below your Knees.

This will require that you bend when you make moves with the ball. Also, it will be harder for defenders to pick your pockets.

2. Work On Flexibility.

The looser you are the more you’ll be able to shake defenders. You ever noticed how the herky jerky players are so hard to guard with the basketball.

But the players who are stiff are easy to stay in front of. So if you want to be great with the basketball off the dribble, I recommend you go out and improve your flexibility.

3. Use your whole body when making moves with the basketball.

When dribbling if you master how to use your eyes, hips, shoulders and body to set up your moves you’ll be tough to guard off the dribble.

4. Always look up and use your eyes when dribbling.

This is important because you may have an open teammate or be able to beat oncoming defensive pressure.

Plus, when you really get good at this, you can use your eyes to fake out defenders.

I used to fake out defenders with my “wide-eye” technique to make them think I was dribbling to one side or about to pass or shoot the ball. Only to set up my blow-by move instead.

It’s simple, just open your eyes really wide and pretend to be doing something you aren’t to fake out your defender with your eyes.

5. Feel the ball constantly in your free time.

Make it become part of your body. Around the house, pat the ball and palm it, roll it off your palms etc. This will make the ball a part of your and help you get a yo-yo dribble.

The more comfortable you are with the ball the easier it will be to go wherever you want on the court.

Here’s an experiment. Take 3 months off from playing and see what happens when you touch the ball. I think you get the point.

So on the flipside, keep the ball in your hands as much as possible and watch how your handle magically gets better.

6. Strengthen your hands and forearms.

Do wrist curls in your free time to help build strength in your forearms. This will definitely help your ball handling. Stronger forearms equal a stronger dribbler.

7. Improve your fingertip control and hand speed.

Two of my favorite drills for this are the figure 8 or around the world drill and the spider drill.

8. On the fast break work on getting the ball up the court in as few dribbles as possible.

Practice getting the ball up the court in 5 dribbles or less. That’s right you read correctly 5 dribbles.

This will require that you really stride it out and push the ball. Then when you get in a game and you’re on the break, it will be a breeze for you.

9. On the fast break get the ball out in front of you.

If you dribble it on your side defenders will be able to steal it. This may be uncomfortable at first, but once you master it you’ll be tough to stop off the dribble on the break.

10. Work on your peripheral vision.

Very few players understand how important vision is in the game of basketball. And in basketball, if you have your head up and aren’t looking down at the ball you will see a lot.

But if you have great peripheral vision you’ll see way more than the average player while dribbling.

You’ll see openings in the defense for scoring opportunities, open teammates for passing opportunities, and you’ll annihilate defensive pressure.

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Simeon Smith November 19, 2012 at 12:44 am

Great Article… My handle has improved incomparably


Andy Crane May 29, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Thanks for the tips! I also might add to learn to take smaller strides/steps in the halfcourt game. This promotes quickness and more opportunities to change body direction or conduct crossovers at any moment. This is being highly stressed in professional soccer right now, as it should for bball.


Steve, Basketball Coach June 9, 2013 at 7:15 pm

Pretty good tips. I’ll only had that players need to know that dribbling is only used for:
- Going to the basket
- Get away from trouble (back up dribble)


amar August 24, 2013 at 8:10 am

hello sir.
guided properly but want deep knowledge about basketball traintng


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